Character Select Backgrounds


The sun shines bright over the pilgrims standing on the sacred ground. Clad in its splendid light, the pilgrims praise Regulus for his benevolence.

Default background.

Delphi Inn

The inn bustles with patrons. The main hall holds densely arranged tables opening to a kitchen, a liquor cellar, a garden, and a pavilion.

[Roster] Level 20 Reward

Morai Ruins

Morai prospered under the rule of the mighty king, Kisar. However, when the darkness came, the king fell victim to its unforgiving grip.

[Roster] Level 50 Reward

Stormcry Grotto

The searing blue of the open sky, vicious winds sweep across the ocean, and the promise of a newfound land at the end of a seemingly endless voyage. Who could ever resist the sweet call of the Deep Blue?

[Roster] Level 80 Reward

Heart of Sceptrum

Those who have not witnessed the splendor of the Heart of Sceptrum in Stern cannot call themselves adventurers.

[Roster] Level 100 Reward

Mokoko Village

Mokokos and Kokomos, Kokomos and Mokokos! Grab a cup of Cashew Juice and we'll all be buddies!

[Collectibles] 900 Mokoko Seed Reward

Red Curtain Arena

Warriors fight ferocious monsters to the death. Not one person has walked out of this bloody battlefield alive.

[Roster] Level 150 Reward

Ruined Castle

The place, closed a long ago, is again filled with a suspicious energy in the air.

[Roster] Unreleased in Global version

Rania Village

Mysterious island of women busy preparing for the festival. Lailai~! May the blessing of the goddess Gienah be with you!

Unreleased in Global version

T - Stadium

It's an elaborate stage for the true heroes of Arkesia! All eyes will be on you under the flashing lights!

Unreleased in Global version

Garden of Rest

Taking a break from intense battle and forgetting about your responsibilities to enjoy a moment under the warm sun can help energize an adventurer.

[Collectible] 14 Ignea Tokens Reward

2019 Halloween

Bats, Pumpkins, and the Moon! Crazy Party with Fear and Romance Dancing Together!

Unreleased in Global version

2019 Joytide

A warm and quiet night, falling asleep with the warmth of the fireplace in the winter.

Unreleased in Global version

Welcome Festival

Cherry blossoms and sparkling fireworks welcome you to the festival!

Unreleased in Global version


The demise by desire. I feel the swirling grief of those who still linger on the battlefield in the darkness of the abyss.

[Store] Available only in the Omen Special Package

Summer 2020

Exciting Summer! Let's go on a trip. Don't you feel excited by just imagining blue sky and white waves?

Unreleased in Global version

Sweet Party

A lovely invitation card. Our long-anticipated party.

Unreleased in Global version

Stern's Tavern

Please come and see me often. I will be always waiting for your return.

[Store] Available only in the Shadow of Stern Special Package

The Great Journey

I support your great journey. Good luck.

[Store] Platinum Founder's Pack

Summer Night

A cool breeze and sunset! The beginning of another party! 24 hours is too short in a summer day.

[Store] Midsummer Night's Dream Special Package

Noble Banquet

Only the best guests are invited to the Noble Banquet.

[Store] Super Premium Ark Pass Level 5 Reward

Halloween Stage

Deep in the night when all curtains have closed, a new stage begins.

Unreleased in Global version

Void Hall

Enter the unending nightmare! Come to Astalgia!

Unreleased in Global version

Starlight Isle

They say souls dwell in places where they have the happiest memories.

Unreleased in Global version

Village in Snow

Winter has come to this small town. Though it's freezing here, hope burns inside the hearts of the people here.

Unreleased in Global version

Snowy Mountain Hanokl

Release the fog of last year's woes.

Unreleased in Global version

Dark Priest

There is light because of darkness, and there is darkness because of light. May there be light in the darkness...

Unreleased in Global version

Great Temple

Great Temple full of holy light. This place is full of Lazeniths who are always in prayer.

Unreleased in Global version