Behold, I've arrived


May the gods protect me...


I feel the power of the tiger!


I can hear no one's voice when I'm training...


I'm all out of money...


Feel the heat! Yeah!


Hehe! Always recommended!


Huh? What are you doing?


I feel awkward with all this attention...


Why am I crying even though I'm laughing?


Ahahaha! Hahahaha!


I'm angrier than Mokoko!!


Take me with you!


What? Are you really actually truly absolutely serious?


It was nice to meet you today!


Hold up... You shouldn't do this..


*Yawn*... Are you... done talking?


You! Can! Do! It!


This is my feeling for you!


Sorry, that's on me...


Woah! You scared me!


See ya later!


Something... doesn't feel right.


Alright! I get what you mean!


Finally! I did it!


My stomach is killing me...


Kakul! Did I scare you?


You kakul cretin!


Sorry to interrupt you, but please be quiet!


Let me in...


Gather around! Let's gather! Gather!!


Darkness... closing in..! Mayhem vision... going black...! Gasp!..


Allow me to be a righteous Lazenith again today.


Leave the shooting to me!


It's more delicious when we eat together.


Hip Hip! Hooray! (Yom: Yahooo!)


What is it? Something fun? (Yom: What is it??)


You're being mean! (Yom: Hmmpf!)


My wings are too tired...


What do I do?! Big news!


Anyone who crosses this boundary will be destroyed by chaos!


Come, foolish devotees of Karma!


Sing the hymn of the preordained fate!


Did you really think I would like that?


Don't you think it's time you gave up?


Ahh, the precious peace of self-care.


Me! Me! I wanna Commanduh!


It's embarrassing to be the center of attention.

[Find It]

Where's it coming from?


1250! FLEX!


I've never seen something like this before!

[Nom Nom]

Thank you for the feast!


This is the World Tree Leaf, right? Please say that it's right.

[Take This]

I threw the bomb! What? Corrosion?


Stop attacking! Fire a grappling hook in the event of a fall!


You insects! I'll crush you all! Ack!


Snip snip!


I'm going with rock.


I'll wrap you up!


Now it's just the two of us.


Eyes on me, okay?


I'll enjoy devouring you.


That's right!


No, you're wrong!