Island Token Tracker

Island Method Daily Notes
Fantasm Island Una's Daily Task 7 Reputation: The New Book (Lv. 2)
Gesbroy Una's Daily Task 20 Reputation: Gesbroy Snack Expert (Lv. 3)
Lopang Island Una's Daily Task 6 Quest: An Important Personage
Reputation: Lopang Inc.*
Complete 1 Unique Una's Task 6 times along with Island Quests to unlock the quest 'An Important Personage'
Isteri Una's Daily Task 21 Reputation: Guardian (Lv. 3)
Notos Island Una's Daily Task 2 Quest: With Didi
Reputation: Weeping Sea*
Complete 3 Una's Daily Task and Island quests to unlock 'With Didi' *After completing the 1st task, the 2nd task will become available on the same day.
Peyto Una's Daily Task 5 Quest: Finally Finished
Reputation: Peyto*
Complete 'Everything Circles Back Around' 4 times to unlock 'Finally Finished' as well as complete the Main Questline on the Island. [Emote: Roar] is also required (3,600 Gienah's Coins from Freedom Island).
Revelry Row Una's Daily Task 6 Quest: Unbreakable Beat
Reputation: Club Manager*
Reach Reputation Level 2 to unlock the quest 'Unbreakable Beat'. [Emote: Sway] from a quest in Peyto will be required. Quest involves completing: Guardian Raid x1, Sailing Gate x1, Floor 25 of Shadespire.
Runaways Island Una's Daily Task 6 Reputation: Catch the Criminals (Lv. 2)
Totopia Una's Daily Task 5 Quest: Totopia Tutor for a Day
Reputation: School is Fun*
Reach Reputation Level 2 to unlock 'Her Name' Quest Chain
Shadowmoon Market Una's Daily Task 5 Quest: With a Light Heart
Reputation: The Reagent Experiment (Lv. 1)
Co-Op: Shadowmoon Dance
Obtain Reputation Level 1, 2 Achievements and complete the co-op quest to unlock the quest 'With a Light Heart'. Achievements are obtained by taking pictures of spirits with the interactable cameras.
Shadow Island Quest 1 Starting Quest: To the Shadespire
Quest: Shadow's Mark
Starlight Isle Quest 1 Starting Quest: A Lighthouse for the Soul
Quest: A Starlit Melody
Tooki Corporation Quest 4 Starting Quest: Promotion Peril
Quest: A Genuine Single-Digit Tooki
Complete the quest [Tooki Treasure Removal]' from the [Tooki Treasure Island] questline to unlock [Promotion Peril]. The next quest from [Promotion Peril] will not be available until the next day.
Turtle Island Quest 1 Starting Quest: The Turtle and the Boy
Quest: To the Sea
Wisdom Isle Collectibles Starting Quest: Item: [Resonating Giant's Heart]
Quest: A Giant Resonance
Collect: [Giant's Heart] x3
Aiwana Island Quest 1 Starting Quest: The Perfect Getaway
Quest: The Ultimate Vacation
Questline starts in Stern.
Azure Wind Island Quest 1 Quest: Buried in Flowers
All Main Quests and Hidden Quests must be completed to unlock [Buried in Flowers].
Distorted Island Quest 1 Starting Quest: Into the Rift of Distorted Dimensions
Quest: Secrets of the Cube
Dreamgull Island Quest 1 Starting Quest: Seagull Sojourn
Quest: Back to Work
Song: Forest's Minuet
The song can be aquired from Lullaby Island. The start of this questline can be found from the hidden object by the island's entrance. I hope you like running laps.
Fomona Island Quest 1 Starting Quest: Love Consultation/A Man's Heart
Quest: The Lyre of Love
Starting quest name is based off player gender.
Glacier Isle Quest 1 Starting Quest: Iceberg Inquiry
Quest: Elegy of Serenity
Starting quest can be found in Peyto.
Gravis Quest 1 Starting Quest: The Perfect Getaway
Quest: The Ultimate Vacation
Starting quest can be found in Stern.
Hope Island Quest 1 Starting Quest: Building Hope
Quest: In Memoriam
Unlock Hope Island by completing rapport quests on Goblin Island.
Ice Maze Isle Quest 1 Quest: Torches of Kindness
Item: [Humpback Whale Oil]
Item is obtainable by completing Notos Island Daily x6 or with 6,000 Pirate Coins from Spearfish Hunting Guild Vessel (Shushire). ***If you spawn in a place where there is seemingly no exits, there is a hidden Mokoko Seed in the top-right most area.
Island of Mist Quest 1 Quest: A Bad Prank!
Collect: Item: [Torn Paper]
Defeat: [Contaminated Sting Moth] [Forest Spider] [Tainted Kran]
Complete all quests on the island, including 3 hidden object quests and 3 [Torn Paper] quests dropped by mobs.
Kharmine's Lair Quest 1 Starting Quest: [Awakening] Ray of Hope
Quest: [Journey] Dark and Pale
Part of 2nd Awakening questline.
Metus Islands Quest 1 Starting Quest: Island Survivors
Quest: What Did You See?
Naruni Island Quest 1 Quest: Naruni Go!
Opher, the Lonely Island Quest 1 Quest: Island Tokens
Promise Isle Quest 1 Starting Quest: [Awakening] Ray of Hope
Quest: [Journey] Shattered Heart
Reminiscence Isle Quest 1 Quest: My Truest Friend
Accept the quest from a hidden object near the island's entrance.
Serenity Isle Quest 1 Starting Quest: Who's There?!
Quest: Revenge Is Mine
Asura Island Quest 1 Starting Quest: A Mysterious Creature
Quest: Gangwoon's Rematch
Collect: [Blood Shard] x100
Item: Challenge of Blood
Collect 100 Blood Shards in exchange for [Challenge of Blood] to unlock Questline.
Atlas Exchange 1 Collect: [Pirate Coin] x16,800
Crescent Isle Exchange 1 Collect: [Crystallized Scale] x60
From hunting rabbits.
Shangra Exchange Collect: [Firm Peach] x5,600
Item: [Thousand-year-old Tree Bud]
Sunflower Island Collectibles Collect: [Masterpieces] x10
Freedom Isle Exchange 1 Collect: [Pirate Coin] x60,000
Blackfang's Den Rapport Rapport: Blackfang (Trusted)
Eternity Isle Rapport Rapport: Mari (Trusted)
Hypnos's Eyes Rapport Rapport: Blue-Eyed Calvasus (Trusted)
Illusion Bamboo Island Rapport Rapport: Zinnervale (Trusted)
Liebeheim Rapport Rapport: Zenri (Trusted)
Panda Island Rapport Rapport: Puppa (Trusted)
Sublime Island Rapport Rapport: Ezrebet (Trusted) or Krissa (Trusted)
Toto Silver Island Rapport Rapport: Toto Elder (Trusted)
Whispering Islet Rapport Rapport: Nineveh (Trusted)
White Wave Island Rapport Rapport: Stranded Temma (Trusted)
Argon Grind 1 Defeat an Ice Sculpture perfectly without doing any overkill damage. Recommended to use [Mokoko's Skillet] as it does 1 damage per hit. 11 sculptures are available per day and resets at 5PM PDT.
Astella Grind 1 Random drop from collecting interactable stars on the ground.
Atropos Grind Reputation: Examining the Ship
Item: [Wish Pouch]
Random drop from [Wish Pouch] which can be acquired from throwing [Lynnis Commemorative Coin] into the central fountain. Coins are gained through completing the Island's Una Daily Task.
Cradle of the Sea Fermata Grind Limit to one try per character a day after purchasing [Game Voucher]. Obtained through choosing Merrymaker Jackpot's correct jar. Alternate characters are recommended.
Drumbeat Island Grind Co-Op: [Dangerous Debris] [The Thing from the Sky!]
Fortuna Grind Defeat: [Jar] [Golden Jar]
Obtained through destroying island jars.
Giant Mushroom Island Grind Obtained randomly through logging.
Goblin Island Grind Reputation: Only the Strong Survive
Collect: [Golden Goblin Coin]
Item: [Goblin Pandora]
Randomly obtained from [Golden Pandora] box which is purchased using tokens gained from Una's Daily Tasks.
Golden Wave Island Grind Randomly obtained after opening chests or bags around the island.
Harmony Island Grind Item: [Chest of Aromatic Sound] [Chest of Clear Sound] [Chest of Sparkling Sound]
Co-Op: [A Fragrant Sound] [A Pure Sound] [Harmony? Help!]
Randomly obtained from chests received from Co-Op quests
Kalthertz Grind Random drop from rewards after freeing prisoners on the island. Limit of 5 freed prisoners a day.
Little Luck Island Grind Collect: [Pirate Coin] x100
Item: [Chest of Little Luck]
Randomly obtained through the chest that can be purchased from Wandering Merchant on the island (2hr respawn/10min duration).
Lost City Grind Collect: [Worn Key of Oblivion] - fishing
Randomly obtained by opening locked chests with [Worn Key of Oblivion] around the island. Key can be found through fishing.
Lullaby Island Grind Item: [Chest of Sleeping Songs]
Song: [Song of Resonance]
Co-Op: [Secret Entrace] [Magick Melody]
Randomly obtained from Co-Op quest reward. Song acquired for [Pirate Coins] x16,800 in Peyto.
Monte Island Grind Item: [Monte Island Join Reward]
Random drop from island quest reward.
Opportunity Isle Grind Item: [Angler's Pouch]
Co-Op: [Catch the Golden Crucian Carp]
Randomly obtained through Co-Op quest reward.
Outlaw Isle Grind Randomly obtained from opening chests on the island.
Volare Island Grind Item: [Secret Chest of Volare]
Co-Op: Operation: Cannonballs and Harpoons
A maximum of two chests can be earned from the Co-Op event.
Island of Time Grind Collect: [Magic Jar] - Fishing
Boss: [Savnak]
[Savnak] can be spawned by fishing for a [Magic Jar] and using them at the spawn locations.
Isle of Yearning Grind Item: [Setino's Secret Bag]
Boss: [Slow Turtle Captain]
Very rare drop chance for both bag and token.
Lagoon Island Grind Boss: [Iar Kaya]
Co-Op: [Raid: Lagoon's Shadow]
Oblivion Isle Grind Boss: [Sea God Aporas]
Co-Op: [The Deathly Island]
Orvis Island Grind Boss: [Harvest Lord Incarnate]
Co-Op: [Ominous Pumpkins]
Phantomwing Island Grind Boss: [Adrinne]
Co-Op: [A Thousand Fluttering Nights and Days]
Slime Island Grind Defeat: [Golden Bell Slime]
Randomly obtainable drop, but has a high drop rate when killed.
Spida Island Grind Boss: [Kagros]
Co-Op: [Crack It Wide Open]
Tooki Island Grind Boss: [Tooki King]
Co-Op: [Invincible King Tooki]
Tranquil Isle Grind Song: [Requiem of Twilight]
Boss: [Specter Lord]
Co-Op: [A Blooming Heart] [Growth Through Music]
Song can be acquired through the island's Main Questline.
Twilight Isle Grind Dungeon: [Twilight Chapel]
Unknown Island Grind Boss: [Beast King of Light] [Beast King of Darkness]
Co-Op: [A Veiled Entity]
Vairgrys's Nest Unobtainable Defeat:
Walpurgis Grind Dungeon: [Night of Walpurgis]
Boss: [Rasakiel]
Wildwater Island Grind Boss: [Aurion]
Co-Op: [Raid: Aurion]
Alakkir Grind Quest: [The Best, Golden Chicken!]
Item: [Splendid Gold Feather]
Boss: [Golden Chicking]
Co-Op: [Be Gone, Chickings!]
Defeat the boss for a chance at the item needed to start the required quest.
Alteisen Grind Boss: [Sol Grande]
Co-Op: [Raid: Sol Grande]
Anguished Isle Grind Collect: [Garden of Despair Key]
Dungeon: [Garden of Despair]
Boss: [Broken Stella]
Erasmo's Island Grind Boss: [Erasmo]
Co-Op: [Island's Guardian]
Facility X-301 Grind Starting Quest: A Door Shut Tight
Quest: Defective Product
Collect: [Secret Hideout Access Card]
Dungeon: [X-301 Area 7]
Boss: [Experimental Tarmakum]
There is a Una's Daily Task [Android Emancipation] that is associated with entering the dungeon that can be completed at the same time.
Forpe Grind Boss: [Batuark]
Co-Op: [Much Ado About Chickens]
Frostfire Island Grind Boss: [Brealeos]
Co-Op: [Raid: Brealeos]
Death's Hold Island Grind (PvP) 12 Collect: [Foul Sculpture] x60
Item: [Secret Map]
Dungeon: [Secret Map Dungeon]
Co-Op: [A Bloody Sea]
Complete the Co-Op quest and exchange items for the [Secret Map]. Complete the map for the Island Token.
Illusion Isle Grind (PvP) Item: [Illusion Isle Loot]
Co-Op: [Red Waves]
Can also be acquired through looting the chests that spawn during the Co-Op quest.
Lush Reed Island Grind (PvP) Co-Op: [The Reed Field]
Medeia Grind (PvP) Item: [Medeia's Gift]
Co-Op: [Medeia War]
Snowpang Island Grind (PvP) Item: [Fun Snowfight Commemorative Pouch]
Co-Op: [Snowfight!]