Main/World Questline Guide

Town Where Light Lingers
Varut's Gift
Legends and Fairytales
Legacy of the Ancients
In the East Oratory
Trace the Stone Tablet
What the Robbers Want
Warning: Grave Robbers!
Trouble in Kolsh Forest
Demons in the Cave
Demons in Prideholme
Neria's Story
Tablet of Revelations
Gathering Clues
Mountain of the Singing Wind
Sacred Spring
The Plague's Source
A Command Post in Need
Belated Help
They Will Be Remembered
A Mystery Attack
A New Disease
A Possible Solution
The Snake's Gem
On the Border
Looking for the Nomads
Burnt Encampment
Bandit Road
Salt Works
Finding the Monument
Subjugate the Bandits
Another Monument
Aregal Salt Plains
Raid and Rescue
The Last Monument
First Things First
A Meeting of the Nomads
Preparing the Rain
To Morai
Morai Ruins
Armen's Whereabouts
Armen and the Demon
Demon Raid
To Luterra!
Fortress Under Attack
Guard Post in Ruins
To Zagoras Fortress
Armen's Request
The Declaration
To the Eastern Ruins
Song of Valor
To Lakebar
The Village with a Lake
Still Hesitant
The Weight of Death
The Iron Crown
The Spirit of Luterra
Crown of Lakebar
To the Brilliant Ridge
Brilliant Ridge
To Medrick Monastery
Monastery on the Brink
The Warrior Priests of Medrick
The Wrath of Thirain
The Militia of Bilbrin
Respect the Hunter
Contacting the Militia
Militia Leader Cassleford
Thirain's Disappearance
An Unshakable Resolve
To the Battlebound Plains
Through the Demon Beast Legion
To the Glorious Wall
A Kingdom Reclaimed
Rebuilding Luterra
Song of Return
The People of Luterra Castle
Two Families
In the Name of the Eldest
Brother Against Brother
In the Name of the Youngest
The Beginning of Reconciliation
United Once More
In Search of the Lost Phrase
Heroes and Constellations
Gloomy Pumpkin Farm
Pumpkin Cleanup
The Deaf Bard
The Blind Bard
From Dusk 'til Dawn
Royal Eagle Seal
Dangerous Lastra Forest
King's Tomb
Legend Reborn
The Wingless
To the Edge of the World
Destiny Led by Light
With Gratitude
Contaminated Orchard
Sweet Temptation of Mayhem
King Thirain's Rapid Response
Rampant Frenzy
The Distant Ringing of a Bell
Over the Black Rose Vines
The Secret of the Chapel Graveyard
Preparing Disguise
The Summoning of Mayhem
The Long and Dark Night
Tracking Down Kakul-Saydon
Puruus and the Land of Purification
The Leaders of Puruus
Seria's Present
Advice from Ligheas
Kakul-Saydon's Scheme
Sad Premonition
Drums of Resistance
Bracing For Battle
On the Brink of War
Forward to Victory
Rekindled Fire
Wise Guy
All Ready
Battlefield Wounds
Holy Inquisitors
The Trails of Saints
The Wind Stays while Dreams Fade
A Quality Vessel
Find the Sneaky Pirates
Three Sheets to the Wind
In Search of Pirates
Lightshade Inn
Blackfang's Whereabouts
Finding Blackfang's Crew
Whistle While You Work
Big Flare Up
Signal Your Intention
Rescuing Blackfang's Crew
Clear Stormcry Grotto
Have to Half It
Set Sail!
A Home in Danger
Take Care of Mokamoka
One More Thing
Water Is Life
Juicy and Red
Transform into a Mokoko!
To Mokoko Village
Magical Map
Hold Your Nose
Dew Get the Supplies
Purge the Map
Sweet on Sweetwater
Fire Fighter
Keep Farm from Harm
Some Assembly Required
Heart of Gold
Passing Marks
Wait a Second
A New Start
Where the Pirates Are
To the Post
Little Actions
Courageous Heart
One Heart
Follow the Map
Rocky Information
From the Cradle
Weight of the Wounds
Time for Treatment
Tortoyk's Heart
Peace of Mind
The Village's Pride and Joy
There and Back Again
Making the Crew Cut
An Old Story
Join the Tournament
The First Match
Dumpling Desire
Manpo's Dumplings
Food Fighter
The Second Match
Night Fears
A Case of Murder
Moonmist Mania
The Third Match
Awe-inspiring Arm
The Fourth Match
Jeok Family's Prodigal Son
The Fifth Match
Bleak House
Acupuncture Ace
A Letter from His Wife
Demon Clash
The Sixth Match
Intruder's Intent
Master's Drinking Table
Sir Druden's Problem
Gourd Hoard
Bird Beater
Signs of Dissolution
The Seventh Match
Top of His Game
The Eight Match
Into the Mist
Madman's Guide
Conjurer's Source
Key of the Horizon
End of the Conjurer
At the Threshold
Prove My Worth
The Sidereal's Message
Gone with the Wind
The Machine City
Mysterious Mech Corps
Train in Turmoil
Sternward Bound
Stern's Alligator
Verdantier Doubts
The Three Leaders
Assistant Investigator
To the Hoverboard Testing Site
Ominous Signs
Airship Crash Investigation
Nebelhorn Lab
A Better Place to Work
To the Hoverboard Lab
The Heart of Sceptrum
Krause's Whereabouts
Rumble in the Rubbish
Mech Corps Reduction
Totrich on Lockdown
Defeat the Watchers
To Bergstrom's Laboratory
Remnants of Power
Assembly of Regulators
Iron Gate
Enter at All Costs
Those Left Behind
The Watcher
Haberk to the Ship
A Token Opher Thoughts
Vern, Continent of Adventurers
To Vern Castle
A Storm of News
Queen's Knights to Senate
Ealyn's Request
Afterimages of the Rift
Powerless Pendant
Rania Adventurer's Guild
Speak to the Rankled
Qualifications to Enter Balankar
In the Wake of Death
Mountains in Despair
Necromantic Sacrifices
Sigmund's Whereabouts
To the Besieged Fortress
Tyron Fortress Battle
Burning Light of Hope
To Ancient Elveria
She Waits, He Leaves
Ealyn's Gift
Beyond the Frozen Sea
The Sturmbrecher Launch
To Shushire
The Frozen Sea
What Lies Slumbering
Dawn's Beginning
Relief Work
To the Arena
Bitter Winds
Gently and Peacefully
Sparrows and the Mill
Commence the Rescue!
Missing Prisoners
On The Trail
Rekindled Embers
Lakeside Legend
Teacher and Student
Finding Vrad
Vrad's Final Moments
Amidst the Cheers
Wolves at the Sanctum
Demons in the Sanctum
Cliff Hanger
Lingering Footprints
Frozen Footprints
Blinding Fog
Commander Akkan
The Port of Rohendel
Bambiri Village
Aven's House
Toady and the Mage
A Strange Sylvain
Magical Investigation
Into the Warped Magick Rift
An Audience with the Queen
Rohendel's Queen
Between the Sun and Moon
Water Keeper Orelda
The Eternal Curse
Memories of the Forest, Dreams of the Wind
Elemental Emergency
Forest Keeper Digne
Song of the Fading Wind
A Fickle Wind
A Veiled Wind
The Sanctum of Wind
Stormy Weather Ahead
Wailing Wind
The End of the Storm
Into the Corruption
The Shattered City
In Search of Lenora
Eruption's Aftermath
Traces of the Flames
Memories of Earth
Gherdia's Tracks
The Sylvains of Xeneela
Dying Embers
Rohendel's Research
Fallen Flamekeeper
Overflowing Flames
Azena in Peril
Journey to Elzowin's Shade
A Curse Broken
Elzowin's Nightmare
Nightmares in the Forest
The Reunion
Aven's Whereabouts
Protecting Aven
Elzowin's Defender
Dream-Stricken Elzowin
Yorn's Cradle
The Trouble With Being Famous
The Beginning
Vital Information
To the Great Castle
To the Really Great Castle
True Brilliance
The Great Castle's Sun
The Delinquent Employee
Rocket Boots Delivery
Rise and Shine
To the Unfinished Garden
Super Unar Brothers
To the Mine Car
Needed Repairs
Purify the Contaminated Area
Trouble in the Water Tank
What Lies in the Past
Preparations for a Journey
A Letter from an Old Friend
Black Anvil Mine
Saving Nupen
After the Quake
The Cause of the Earthquakes
The Last Fjorgin
Burning Mine
To the Wonderful Brewery
Find the Great Seal
The Spreading Tremor
What Caused the Earthquakes?
The True Cause
Covering All the Basics
Hot Stuff, Dynamite
The Real Culprit
Awakened At Last
To the Forbidden Area
Ancestral Homeland
A Sense of Duty
The Sleepless Souls
With the Ancestors
To the Ark of Arrogance
Stop Velcruze
The Final Report
The Unloved Land
Watchers of Light
Valley's Shadow
If You Want to Live
The Black Abyss
Dark Blades
A Vigilant Shadow
City of the Restless
Chaos Inside the Heart
Avesta, Order of Assassins
Wailing Forest
Will Work for Food
Between Life and Death
Threshold of Survival
Spirit in the Swamp
Echoes from the Swamp
Dark Blade
Join Avesta
Shadow Monastery
Infiltrate and Destroy the Barrier
Across the Shadow Monastery Roof
Children in Danger
Preparing to Enter the Monastery
Truthful Like Steel
Good and Evil
A Bloody Land
Broken Shield of God
To Dark Rain Plains
Farther Than Death
One Step at a Time
Lailai Preparations with Everyone
To Mellow Beach
Nia and the Investigation
Her Whereabouts
Go to Where She Is
Nia's Confidant
Reddened Sky
Serene Cliff
Suspicious Movement
The Stench of Blood
Greatest Healer
Relaxing at the Hot Springs
Courageous Nia
Nia's Instructions
Demon Attack
Follow the Traces
Protect the Root!
Rescue Operation
The Things Occupying the Altar
Rescue Operations Continues
Another Problem
Another Obstacle
The Swamp Demon
Demon's Whispers
The Protector
Final Preparations
Protect the Seed of Harmony!
Precious Things, Barely Protected
Getting Ready for the Festival
Festival Adventure
Engraved Distrust
The Space Between Shadow and the Moon
The Queen's Wisdom
The Senate and the Black Knights
A Wounded Sky
An Unexpected Journey
The Guide For the Journey South
Tide's Whisper
Unity of Strength
In Search of Avele
To Wishnel Village
Rosepetal Peresto
Footprints Hidden Under Leaves
Serious Search
Terrible Lies and Secrets
Song of the Setting Sun
Woodville Village in Dusk
Decisive Cue
Guide's Mission
Intermediate Report
At the Journey's End
A Deep Remorse
The Sun Shines as Always
Rising Again
Gathering the Solar Knights
Three Knight's Reunion
Unexpected Reunion
Temporary Alliance
Splitting Sky
Gazing at the Torn Sky
A Cloud-Piercing Spear
Shandi's Informant
Sidereal's Solution
Bellion Defense
Hero's Path
Arkesia Allied Forces
An Invasion of Chaos