Una's Reputation Guide

Reputation Coin Emote Potion Craft Collection Mount Card Island Token Other
Plague Doctor
Remnants of the Plague
7 13000 Pain silver Stat Increase
Poisonous Desert
Stern's Stigma
The Greater Good
Source of the Poison
5 13000 silver Crit
Bringing Peace to the Souls
Kadan Cathedral's Exorcism Ritual
7 13000 silver Courage
Worship Bench Phoenix Plume x6
Running the Port
Moronto's Agent
7 13000 silver Domination
Masterpiece #10
Taste Test
Meat, the Challenge
6 13000 silver Vitality
Save the Forest
Fairy's Friend
15 26000 silver Wisdom
Only the Strong Survive
Only the Strong Survive
Prove Your Mettle
14 49000 silver Vitality
Golden Goblin Coin x30
Saltern Worker
Rubbing Away the Marks of Time
15 26000 silver Vitality
Future Insect Expert
A Boy's Dream
15 26000 silver Kindness
Rethramis-Style Large Fountain
The Lake Spirit
Spirit Jars
15 26000 silver Stat Increase
Killing the King
Taking on Tooki
30 54000 silver Kindness
7th Giant Heart Tookalibur
Android Emancipation
Android Emancipation
15 26000 silver Kindness
Mount: Blauer Vogel
Prisoner Release
Prisoner Emancipation
15 26000 silver Stat Increase
Masterpiece #18
A Hard Day at Work
Another Hard Day at Work
Everything Circles Back Around
Dance Time Redux
14 34000 pirate Swiftness
Game Table
Treasure of Gravis
Happy Helper
7 22000 silver Vitality
Brown Sunbed
Collect Scrap Iron
Don't Scrap the Scrap!
Shorting the Circuits
Core Competency
13 26000 silver Charisma
Weeping Sea
Whale Tale
Whalekeeper's Record
Whale Watching
14 29000 silver Vitality
Humpback Whale Oil
The Island of Pandas
Panda Sitter
Baby Panda And Me
6 13000 silver Vitality
Full-scale Panda Disguise Set
Sinking Island
Gathering Slumberries
Is It Hungry?
Sloppy Slimes
A Tidy Place to Rest
Emergency Preparedness
26 54000 silver Mount: Red Moss Turtle
Lopang Inc.
Special Delivery: Vern
Special Delivery: Luterra
Special Delivery: Tortoyk
Special Delivery: Annika
Special Delivery: Arthetine
Special Delivery: Shushire
11 56000 silver Vitality
Messenger Pigeon Post Melody of the Sea: Brahms
The Defense
Playing by the Pirates' Rules
10 72000 pirate Courage
Stat Increase
Astella Astronomical Society
Generally Useless
7 13000 silver Stat Increase
Tender and Crispy
I Can't Just Sit On My Hands
15 26000 silver Half-Boiled Egg Chair
A Stranded Ship
Replacement Parts
7 13000 silver
Club Manager
Cocktail in Hand
16 29000 silver Vitality
Back to Where It Belongs
Where It Belongs
15 26000 silver Stat Increase
Rubenstein del Orazio
Eating with the Wolves
Wolf of Eternity
15 26000 silver Vitality
Mount: Wolf of Vanity
Frozen Memories
Frozen Memories
15 26000 silver Charisma
The Cursed Ruins
The Cursed Ruins
7 13000 silver Endurance
Masterpiece #9
Free-Randing the Rabbits
Anxious Mind
7 13000 silver Wisdom
Lion Mask
Wiping out the Horse Thieves
Die a Hundred Deaths
7 13000 silver Courage
An Archaeologist's Request
An Archaeologist's Request
15 26000 silver Stat Increase
Masterpiece #19
Kir's Favorite
Kir's Favorite
15 26000 silver Vitality
Pest Control
Pest Control
15 30000 pirate Vitality
Certificate of Pirate
Catch the Criminals
Crook Catcher
16 32000 pirate Stat Increase
The New Book
Poetry in Motion
17 86000 silver Fanstasm Island Soul
Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, and Weeds
Some Necessary Weeding
Mementos of the Dead
Finding Food
Needles and Threads
12 48000 silver Charisma
Golden Goblin Coin x60
Ominous Pumpkins
Ominous Pumpkins
30 151000 silver Expertise
Stat Increase
Pumpkin Scarecrow
A New Dish
A Taste of Slime
15 26000 silver Jelly Coin x3000
School Is Fun
Totopia Tutor for a Day
15 27000 silver Wisdom
Insects in the Grass Fields
Ruffians in the Ground
15 75000 Whistle silver Stat Increase
11th Giant Heart
Examining the Ship
What's in the Ship?
7 22000 silver Stat Increase
Mederiel's Letter
The Fermata's True Manager
For the Fermata's Maintenance
For the Fermata's Safety
14 36000 pirate Bar Table Masterpiece #28 Uncommon Timber x20
Repairing the Seal Site
Repairing the Seal Site
The Rebuilding of Xeneela
44 144000 silver Domination
Mana-infused Soup
Elzowin's Blessed Letter
Mischievous Fairy
Mischievous Fairy
30 97000 silver Swiftness
Large Windmill Magical Fermentation Boost
Gesbroy Snack Expert
A Great Beer Snack
An Even Better Beer Snack
The Beer Snack to End All Beer Snacks
18 101000 silver Courage
Gesbroy Island Soul
Crash, Boom, Bang!
15 75000 silver Naber Old Boots
Umar Cosmetics' New History
Quality Check
Research and Development
Market Research
24 131000 silver Nazan Truth Mushroom x6
Umar Cosmetics' Invitation
Investigate Foggy Ridge
Eastern Foggy Ridge
Western Foggy Ridge
Central Foggy Ridge
19 38000 silver Stat Increase
Investigate Red Sand Desert
Safety First
Red Sand Desert Ecology Report
Harsh Terrain
19 38000 silver Stat Increase
Investigate Frost Haven
Through the Bitter Cold
Ice Collision
Crystallized Secrets
19 38000 silver Vitality
Choir Teacher
Whispering Minuet
Whispering Resonance
Whispering Harmony
8 84000 silver Vitality
Skill Point
The Reagent Experiment
Super Secret Materials for a Super Secret Project
22 111000 silver Exquisite Flower Garden Toy Chest x6
Loot Pirate Bird Cave
Run, Tooki!
Run Faster, Tooki!
15 1600 gold Tooki Transformation Sunglasses Selection Chest
Shadow Monastery
Black Falcon's Nest
15 126000 silver Geppetto Book of Survival x6
Desiccated Wooden Statue x3
Black Falcon Inn
Unsolved Mystery of the Watchers
28 234000 silver Expertise
Eye of Fate
Kinsera's Memorial Service
15 126000 silver Vitality
A Relaxing Hot Springs Part-time Job
Help Wanted at the Hot Springs
Customer Comes First
Guard Wanted!
23 319000 silver Stat Increase
Masterpiece #48
Purification Ceremony
Pond of Purification
Madness Piles on the Altar
20 268000 silver Vitality
Omnium Star #2
Fast Sailing Sprint: Eurus
Ride like the Wind
21 42000 pirate Fast Sailing Sprint: Eurus
Ghost Ship: Eibern's Wound
Bleak Night Fog
12 29000 pirate Ghost Ship: Eibern's Wound
Pirate Star: Astray
She Drifts, Sea Gifts
25 60000 pirate Astray Construction Blueprint
White Sunlight, Blue Waves, Pink Breeze
Claff's Surfing Class
Fish Above Water
19 255000 silver Vitality
Giant Fish Tank
Shadow Island Priests
Endless Debris
16 44000 silver Vitality
Swing Vote
Voting in Totopia
18 32000 silver Vitality
Peering Into Chaos
21 192000 silver Isteri Island Soul Someone's Letter
A Father-Daughter Journey
Unfinished Journey
31 394000 silver Masterpiece #50
Candaria Merchant Group
From the North to the South
From the South to the North
The Story Flowing in the Luganic River
13 191000 silver
Vern Magick Society
Feel the Fresh Magick!
15 114000 silver